Dec 14, 2011

VCX December Beta

VCX Beta version was released, it brings x64 binaries and new built-in codecs.

I recommend trying VCX Beta Demo x64 first, it has two samples compiled in VS 2008 C# for x64 CPU.

The major issue with x64 version is that it cannot be hosted in 32-bit IDE, such as VS 2008/2010.

There are two options:

  • create VCX controls in run-time, as in our IPReceiver64/IPTransmitter64 samples, located in vs2008/c#/_x64/ folder
  • host x86 VCX library in IDE, but compile for x64 CPU. This requires having both x86 and x64 versions installed

In either case, x64 should be working same as x86 version, except for external codec libraries, such as CELT and Speex. Only MP3 encoding/decoding is currently supported in x64 version, with help of lame_enc.dll and libmpg123-0.dll libraries. All built-in codecs should be working fine in x64.

Unfortunately x64 release has a bit different registration module, so you will need a separate serial for it. If you already have a license for x86/ANSI version, please contact us for a free x64 license.

Oct 30, 2011

to x64 or not to x64

With new release of RAD Studio (XE2) Embarcadero opens a few more horizons for long forgotten Delphi developers. Now they can finally compile "Hello, World!" as x64 binary (only 6 years passed since first AMD64 chip, why so hasty?) and even target the OS X.

The switch to x64 does not come easy, though. The size of Integer and Cardinal is still 4 bytes, so if you get used to write the code like Cardinal(@val), in hope that Cardinal will follow native CPU expansion (as it was when Integer got expanded from 16 to 32 bits from Delphi 1 to Delphi 2), you fail.

How should you code instead? Pick one: UIntPtr(@val) or NativeUInt(@val). Huh? Who are these guys, you ask? Ask Delphi 2010 Help instead, it has a whole pile of information about them (2 random pages in total, actually).

For VC another challenge was to find the x64 version of codec libraries we are supporting. So far the Lame and mpg123 libraries are fine with x64, SpeeX and CELT would be fine hopefully soon.

I was having a great fun with new MPEG-TS demuxer code, hope you will find it fun to use.

The reason the FFT bands component was expanded is a new FFT code I have created for another project, which will hopefully find its place among LoS products soon. The code is pretty fast, so I decided to rebuild the bands display as well. If you find the dB scale rather confusing, I'm sorry, was doing my best.

As a part of Demos testing have compiled ANSI version of them (using Delphi 7) and was pretty surprised that most of them works fine under Windows 98.

No OS X news, haven't unpacked my MacBook Air yet (actually, haven't bought it yet).

More news to come, have fun coding with new RC of VC!

Apr 24, 2011

VCX maintenance release

Today we have released new version of VCX library.

It accumulates the updates from VC components made during last 8 months.

The library was recompiled and tested, samples were left almost the same as before, we will be working on new features in next releases. Beta page will got updated soon.

VS 2010 should run samples from VS 2008 without issues, if you find any, please let us know.

If your license for free updates is still valid, simply download the setup application from the URL provided in your registration email and use same name/serial.

If your license has expired you are welcome to download Demo version and see if you need the update. You can order another year of free updates with 50% discount of regular price. Contact us for coupon codes.

As a reminder, we have RTP radio streaming working 24/7 at this URI:


Currently streaming with CELT codec. Try ipReceiver sample to tune in.

Wish you a pleasant development with our library.
Oleksandr Shamray

Apr 14, 2011

VC 2.5.2011.04

New release of VC components is ready to be downloaded and installed.

Includes many bug fixes we were working on last months, and couple of new features.

RTP Transmitter and Receiver when communicating over multicast session could have TTL specified via SDP.

New playback code would hopefully provide better quality of audio, with less clicks and other artifacts.

New RTP features, like round-trip time measurement between participants and periodic "pings" over RTP port will help with connection problem diagnostic.

RTP Conference Server now allows one user to participate in several rooms at the same time. New userStrictlyInOneRoom property is responsible for this. User can now also join another room without disconnecting from Server.

As usual, any upcoming fixes will be listed in developers section, make sure you are using the latest release.

Jan 19, 2011

VC 2.5.2011.01 update is ready

Now with better RTCP integration between RTP Conference Clients and Server, it has many vital communication problems fixed.

The streaming logic of IPReceiver and IPTransmitter was switched. IPTransmitter is more like a server now, and IPReceiver is more like a client. Good news is that IPTransmitter can dynamically stream to many receivers, maintaining timeouts and other stuff. And IPReceiver now makes NAT holes when started, so it could communicate with IPTransmitter from behind the firewall without additional configuration.

And if you need "old style" streaming of IPReceiver and IPTransmitter, there is a new sample: IPStreamPusher. Pretty simple for now, probably be extended later with more features.

And we are glad to announce another public service from Lake of Soft. This time it is a Ukrainian radio, re-broadcast with our vcIPTransmitter sample 24/7. Point your IPReceivers to rtp:// and enjoy the fun.