Jan 19, 2011

VC 2.5.2011.01 update is ready

Now with better RTCP integration between RTP Conference Clients and Server, it has many vital communication problems fixed.

The streaming logic of IPReceiver and IPTransmitter was switched. IPTransmitter is more like a server now, and IPReceiver is more like a client. Good news is that IPTransmitter can dynamically stream to many receivers, maintaining timeouts and other stuff. And IPReceiver now makes NAT holes when started, so it could communicate with IPTransmitter from behind the firewall without additional configuration.

And if you need "old style" streaming of IPReceiver and IPTransmitter, there is a new sample: IPStreamPusher. Pretty simple for now, probably be extended later with more features.

And we are glad to announce another public service from Lake of Soft. This time it is a Ukrainian radio, re-broadcast with our vcIPTransmitter sample 24/7. Point your IPReceivers to rtp://lakeofsoft.dyndns-server.com:5006 and enjoy the fun.

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