Dec 14, 2011

VCX December Beta

VCX Beta version was released, it brings x64 binaries and new built-in codecs.

I recommend trying VCX Beta Demo x64 first, it has two samples compiled in VS 2008 C# for x64 CPU.

The major issue with x64 version is that it cannot be hosted in 32-bit IDE, such as VS 2008/2010.

There are two options:

  • create VCX controls in run-time, as in our IPReceiver64/IPTransmitter64 samples, located in vs2008/c#/_x64/ folder
  • host x86 VCX library in IDE, but compile for x64 CPU. This requires having both x86 and x64 versions installed

In either case, x64 should be working same as x86 version, except for external codec libraries, such as CELT and Speex. Only MP3 encoding/decoding is currently supported in x64 version, with help of lame_enc.dll and libmpg123-0.dll libraries. All built-in codecs should be working fine in x64.

Unfortunately x64 release has a bit different registration module, so you will need a separate serial for it. If you already have a license for x86/ANSI version, please contact us for a free x64 license.

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