Apr 14, 2011

VC 2.5.2011.04

New release of VC components is ready to be downloaded and installed.

Includes many bug fixes we were working on last months, and couple of new features.

RTP Transmitter and Receiver when communicating over multicast session could have TTL specified via SDP.

New playback code would hopefully provide better quality of audio, with less clicks and other artifacts.

New RTP features, like round-trip time measurement between participants and periodic "pings" over RTP port will help with connection problem diagnostic.

RTP Conference Server now allows one user to participate in several rooms at the same time. New userStrictlyInOneRoom property is responsible for this. User can now also join another room without disconnecting from Server.

As usual, any upcoming fixes will be listed in developers section, make sure you are using the latest release.

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