Apr 24, 2011

VCX maintenance release

Today we have released new version of VCX library.

It accumulates the updates from VC components made during last 8 months.

The library was recompiled and tested, samples were left almost the same as before, we will be working on new features in next releases. Beta page will got updated soon.

VS 2010 should run samples from VS 2008 without issues, if you find any, please let us know.

If your license for free updates is still valid, simply download the setup application from the URL provided in your registration email and use same name/serial.

If your license has expired you are welcome to download Demo version and see if you need the update. You can order another year of free updates with 50% discount of regular price. Contact us for coupon codes.

As a reminder, we have RTP radio streaming working 24/7 at this URI:


Currently streaming with CELT codec. Try ipReceiver sample to tune in.

Wish you a pleasant development with our library.
Oleksandr Shamray

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