Jun 12, 2009

VC 2.5.2009.06 release

New release of VC Components 2.5.2009.06 was uploaded today.
Now compatible with Delphi 2009 and has many bugfixes and improvements.

Conference server is now working in new streaming mode, called Client-side mixing (CSM) by default. Check the unaConfDef.inc file, there you can define how to compile the server:

Defining the CONFS_DISABLE_CODECS symbol makes server understand PCM streams only. It is also required to be defined if server is to be compiled in CSM mode.

When CONFS_CSM symbol is defined, server will work in CSM mode.

If both CONFS_DISABLE_CODECS and CONFS_CSM are not defined, server will be working in Server-side mixing mode (default for previous releases).

More details about new release will be published soon.

Stay tuned.

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